A Guide to Buying a High-Value Property

Property value refers to the worth of the real estate based on the price quoted by the seller and agreed on by the buyer, making it evident what a ‘high’ value property translates to. Buying a high-value property is daunting, to say the least, particularly because the reduction of $$$ from the bank statement is pretty dramatic. Here are four steps to guide you through buying a high-value property:


1.    Heading Out for Home Search

Exclusive buyer’s agents make it easier to locate high-value properties. Whether you’re looking for a property integrated with smart home technology or added square footage in terms of a golf course, your home search time is cut in half with a database so dense. If you’re looking to buy a high-value property in California, your go-to search engine is Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty Office. They review multi-residential homes, condos, lands, and other property types for sale.

2.    What is the Neighborhood Like?

Now that you’ve shortlisted the homes you’d like to view, study the locality. Common mistake property buyers make is thinking that since the property is so highly valued, so will be the neighborhood. You want to spend time looking out for amenities, facilities, and crime rates for what it’s worth to correctly determine what it would be like to live in that particular neighborhood.

3.    Are There Any Environmental Factors You Should Be Worried About?

Suppose you’re buying an ocean-facing home somewhere along the 70 miles coastline of San Diego. What are your chances of not facing a flood somewhere down the line? Climatic shocks increase the cost of insurance significantly to offer protection to the property against natural disasters. In addition, natural disasters can depreciate the resale value of the property. Pay up for inspections if you must, but understand that this is a fairly grave concern.

4.    The Size of the Mortgage

Let’s set this straight right off the bat, getting a mortgage approved for purchasing a high-value property is a tad bit tedious than that for a property with the average value. Although the circumstances may differ based on your current financial situation, mortgage lenders are generally reluctant to offer a high amount to one individual borrower.

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Buyer’s Only Coastal Realty Office is San Diego’s exclusive buyer’s agent offering their insights on high-value real estate for sale in California. Scroll through their market report to buy a home in Fallbrook, CA. Their 31 years of experience in the home search industry can guide you through luxury properties, oceanfront homes, and golf course homes for sale.

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