Lock and Unload: 3 Ways to Simplify Unpacking

Did you know that the average American adult takes as many as 182 days to unpack the last of their boxes when moving to a new house? That’s half a year for overcoming the third most stressful event someone is likely to experience during a lifetime. Here’s what you could do to speed up the process a tad bit:

1.      A System to Unpack

Of course, you’re excited about settling into the brand new home with a walk-in closet, but hold your horses because you’re going to want to know exactly what you’re unpacking by cross-checking the inventory list. Yes, you’re going to be grateful for spending the extra minute labeling or color-coding all your moving boxes.

2.      Begin with What’s Important

Get started with the essentials first to make the space more ‘livable’. Anticipate future needs and strategically pick out items that you’re going to need to survive the first couple of nights at the house. It’s recommended to get the kitchen set up first to make your life a little less complicated when the kids scream due to their midnight cravings.

You can take your own sweet time to get done with the bedrooms, bathrooms, and utility areas — but if you want to speed things up for the housewarming party around the corner, you’re going to want to set some deadlines to beat the unpacking procrastination.

3.      Assembling the Furniture

Make sure you approach this step with a systematic plan because you’re likely to have the energy to move those bulky pieces of furniture only once. Keep the items that require mechanical assembly for last, after you’re sure of where you need the furniture to be. A good idea is to demand the floorplan sketches beforehand to make arranging the furniture a lot less of a thought process.


Starting (Right) from Scratch

When you have your act together (in terms of packing, of course) from the first room and the first moving box, you’re eventually going to make the whole of the unpacking experience less hectic for yourself. So, whether you’re making relocation plans for your residential or commercial unit, Eastern Van Lines is your savior. This is the best moving and packing Los Angeles company, offering local and international relocation services.

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