3 Tips for an Amazing Maternity Photoshoot


A maternity photoshoot can freeze time for the mother going through the miraculous journey of childbirth. These pictures will be looked upon for years to come to reminisce and reignite old memories. It is exactly because of this that the photoshoot can be nothing short of perfection.

Here are three tips to ensure that the pictures from the maternity photoshoot come out spectacular.

1. Choose the Right Angles

Capturing the essence of maternity is harder than possibly any other type of photo shoot, and it’s all because of the angles. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” for maternity photoshoot angles because one woman may look amazing in a certain angle, while another may look unflattering.

Similarly, some women may look better sitting down, while others may feel awkward and uncomfortable. The key for the maternity photographer is to find what works best for you through trial and error.

2. Pick A Theme And Stick To It

A photoshoot with certain visual thematic elements can bring the photo shoot to life and create awe-inspiring portraits. Not only will this create a layer to the pictures, but it will also allow for a natural connection between the picture and the viewer.

The theme can be based on any personal event of the couple or simply a beautiful sight of nature and the wild.


3. Picking the Time of Day

Scheduling the photoshoot at the right time can create a huge impact on the result. The Golden Hour and the Blue Hour of the day provide beautiful lighting and a surreal atmosphere to take your photos to a different level.

The calming atmosphere during these two times of the day can also make you feel at peace and more relaxed, allowing for more natural poses.

Hiring a Professional

Documenting the final stages of maternity is no easy task and requires much expertise to tackle different elements. If you’re looking for someone to capture these special moments, Artin Photography brings passion to pictures, providing maternity photography in Vancouver. Mary, the owner, holds over 20 years of photography experience and takes pride in capturing the most cherished family memories.

Contact her to book a session or browse through her portfolio to learn more about her offerings.

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