How to Check a Used Smartphone Before You Purchase It


You can get great value for money by purchasing used smartphones, but like anything used, used smartphones can also have some potential issues. Usually, the buyers get no warranty when purchasing a used device, so it’s best to check a used phone thoroughly before handing your money to the seller. Here is a brief guide that will help you check used smartphones before purchasing them.

Check the IMEI or ESN

The IMEI or ESN is your smartphone’s identification number. With the help of these numbers, buyers can check a smartphone’s network activation and stolen status. You can easily search your smartphone’s identification number in an online database to ensure that the smartphone isn’t flagged stolen, lost, or activation locked.

Hardware Test

Once you are done checking your phone’s network and ownership status, make sure to check if all its hardware components are in working condition. Check the following at the bare minimum before making a purchase.

  • Check the body and screen of the smartphone for dents or scratches. Too many scratches and dents indicate rough usage
  • Check the screen thoroughly. Make sure it has no dead pixels, flashing, or highlighting issues
  • Check the functionality of all the buttons, including the power button
  • Inspect all the smartphone ports, including the charging port, headphone jacks, and the sim and SD card tray.
  • Open and run all the app together and check if the device slows down or drains the battery too quickly.

Check the Battery and Charging



Plug the smartphone into a charger and check how long it takes for the phone to charge the battery by one percent. It should not take more than two minutes with a normal charger. Fast chargers take even less time. Also, plug the charger in and out multiple times to see the condition of the smartphone’s charging port.

This guide can give you a better idea of the condition of a used smartphone. However, even after checking everything, again and again, the probability of getting a used faulty phone still exists. The best thing to do when buying a used smartphone is to buy it from a reliable source. If you live in Qatar, one of the most reliable companies to buy smartphones from is Qatar Mobile. Browse their catalog to buy smartphones online at a fair price.

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