Why Should You Book a Family Photoshoot Every Year?

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Sometimes, scheduling a family photo, perhaps for your Christmas cards, can be quite challenging—well, because life gets hectic. While we understand that it’s very difficult, it’s important too.

Here’s why our family photographer in Vancouver thinks you should book a family photoshoot every year:

1. Helps you start a tradition

Whether or not you grew up capturing family photos, it’s an incredible tradition to start with your family. Someday, your grandchildren will look at your family photos, so it’s important to have professional, high-quality images for your future generations to enjoy.

Plus, once you start the tradition of taking family photos every year, your children can continue it when they’ll have their own families. So many of our clients love their family portraits and find that they value the images and love displaying them on their phones.

2. Creates art for your home

There’s no better way of decorating your home or office than using beautiful photos of your loved ones. While you may have a ton of photos taken through your cellphone, they aren’t the type of pictures you want hanging above the fireplace. With a professional family photoshoot, you can ensure everyone is present within the photo, looking their best.

In addition, photographers have an eye for wall displays, so request your photographer to print your photographs and help with the design.

3. Captures changes in your family

From first steps to high school, your kids grow up, and you wouldn’t want to miss a moment. With a family photoshoot every year, you’ll be able to document every change in your family – whether it’s a rapidly growing child or a new addition to the family.

Remember, professional family photos are something you and your children will look back on for years to come. For example, one of our clients is a mom of three, and she just loves how her children look at pictures from when they just started walking, or when they were babies, or even just last year.


Artin offers professional family photography in Coquitlam, BC

At Artin, our family portrait photographer in Vancouver will capture your family’s love, emotion, fun, and uniqueness to be treasured forever. We’ll help you look upon these portraits and relive them forever.

Get in touch with them directly for more information on their family photography services in Vancouver!

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