Local Moves vs. International Moves: Key Differences

A lot of planning goes into disassembling, organizing, and packing goods for your commodities, furniture, and machinery to reach the destination without complication. However, it’s obvious that the distance you cover and the relocation costs differ significantly for local and international moves — but there are also these differences you must know of:

Planning In Advance

Moving locally is as simple as jotting down the address from the former to the newer location for the truck driver to follow through. However, international shipments require more work — this includes understanding custom regulations and taxation laws of the destination country, booking flights, and packing goods with extra padding to make it through the jet lag. Remember to make a list of the items in your inventory, supply a passport and carry proof of international relocation for immigration.

Systematizing Goods

When you’re moving overseas, you’ve to be very precise about the things you want to take along with you. This is where research comes in handy — for example, your 2011 printer adds to the overall weight of the package as well as custom charges, making it more expensive than a 2021 printer that you can easily buy from any tech shop in the country you’re relocating to. Additionally, it’s also critical to organize your inventory to refrain from carrying items restricted in the region.

Paying Up for Belongings

Local movers are keener on having your shipment insured as they charge by the hour, compared to international movers offering minimum liability over the total weight of the shipment. Alternatively, local movers aren’t required to register with the state, while international movers need to be registered with FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) in the USA for relation.


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