Why Secure Your Data Center with PermAlert’s Leak Detection System?

Data centers are subjected to a plethora of threats, and a water leak is no exception. If water seeps into sensitive areas, it may cause downtime, equipment disruption, and even system failure.

In fact, a study indicated that 24% of unplanned outages to data centers are caused by heat, water, weather, or CRAC failure. These outages substantially affect mission-critical applications and harm the company’s reputation, revenue, and ability to retain customers. On average, this can cost thousands of dollars per minute, which can amount to millions of dollars annually.

But don’t worry; there are many ways one can prevent water leakage and avoid costly problems – for example, by installing PermAlert’s leak detection system.

Let’s look at why you should secure your data center with PermAlert’s leak detection system!

1. Better financial health

Normally, the humidity levels in data centers are extremely high. This means chances of a system malfunction are significant. With PermAlert’s leak detection system, you can save your data center from irreparable damage, which will help your business save a lot of money.

2. Lesser downtime

Water can affect IT-related equipment like servers, computers, etc. If leaks aren’t detected on time, they’ll do a considerable amount of damage to your data center.

They’ll not just make your equipment inefficient, but can also cause loss of important data – and because the main function of data centers is to store data, water leaks may obliterate your business within days. This is where PermAlert’s FM-approved leak detection systems can help.

3. Saves time

While identifying the presence of water seems an easy task, it’s not. For instance, one can’t readily detect flooding beneath computer-raised flooring because false ceilings usually cover the pipework.

Yes, you may get some hints by seeing water splotches appear, but it’s already too late by then – with leaky pipes and moisture of air-conditioning systems forming pools of water.

In addition, water may penetrate through nearby walls, making its way down to the data center’s foundations. So, what can you do to avoid this? Take proper precautions by installing PermAlert’s leak detection system. This system will help you pinpoint leaks anywhere on your site promptly.

4. Protects equipment

No data center can survive without its equipment. If your HVAC, AC units, water pipes, and drainage show signs of leaks, your facility will be at serious risk of failure.

However, PermAlert’s water leak detection system can safeguard your equipment, and therefore, your data center.

5. Mitigates structural damage

Managing water leaks is important to ensure your data center’s foundations aren’t compromised. Since we’re all aware of the hefty costs that come with dealing with leaks and repairing the damage that they cause, it’s important to get PermAlert’s leak detection system and protect your data center.

PermAlert offers the best and most reliable leak detection products for you

PermAlert is trusted by the most recognized data center operators across the world, offering advanced, FM-approved leak detection systems that safeguard critical infrastructure from unexpected leaks that could cause service interruptions.

Give them a call now for more information on their data center leak detection system!

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