5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Leak Detection System for Your Commercial Building

Whether your building is a campus or a high-rise that seems to touch the sky, a simple leak can cause water to cascade from your ceilings – turning server rooms, elevator shafts, and mechanical rooms into soggy messes. Here’s how leaks can affect your commercial building:

  • Loss of tenant revenue due to unhappy tenants
  • Payment of higher insurance rates or deductibles
  • Mold growth that poses a health risk to tenants
  • Permanent loss of crucial business data
  • Ruined equipment

However, all of this can be prevented with PermAlert’s leak detection system, which is tailored to your needs. PermAlert understands that even a single leak can paralyze your building, and therefore, keeps your building in business.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should get a leak detection system for your commercial building:

1. Your work environment will be safer and cleaner

When a pipe leaks, watermarks, cracks, and mold, and mildew may form on the walls. Besides ruining the interior and exterior of your building, the musty odor and disgusting appearance will also drive away your hard-earned clients.

Plus, mold and mildew can also affect the health of the employees, and consequently, their productivity. Invest in PermAlert’s commercial leak detection system and ensure these issues never have a chance to arise.

2. You’ll prevent structural damage

If a pipe bursts in the basement of an office, water might accumulate beneath the building, degrading its foundation if the issue isn’t addressed for a considerable amount of time. A proper reporting/tracking system can prevent this type of costly damage to a building.

3. You’ll steer clear of interruptions in your business operations

Plumbing issues in commercial buildings can disrupt business operations. For example, an undetected leak can cause an office to flood. This means the business might have to close down temporarily. However, with the right leak detection products, commercial building owners can avoid this as anomalies in a building’s plumbing can be detected automatically.

4. You won’t spend too much time hiring plumbing services for maintenance

With time, pipes deteriorate. So, even the slightest of leaks can indicate that a pipe is due for a change. Ultimately, more plumbing damage can occur when leaks are undetected for a long time.

If you have a water leak detection system, it’ll make you aware of plumbing malfunctions within your building. By prompting you to make necessary fixes, the leak detection system will help you avoid further damage that may otherwise have led you to spend a lot more money.

5. Your water bill will be reduced

What’s a surefire sign of a plumbing issue? A dramatic spike in your water bill – even non-stop dripping can substantially affect your water bill if left unfixed. Fortunately, a good leak detection system would prevent you from paying outrageous water bills.

Prevent service downtime and avoid costly repairs with PermAlert’s FM-approved leak detection systems

If left unchecked, poorly installed plumbing and aging pipes can lead to significant damages and leaks – and in mission-critical facilities like airports, data centers, and hospitals, leaks can cause costly, extensive service interruptions. This is where PermAlert’s leak detection system can help.

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