Battling Credit Bureau Stall Letters


When you look through a credit report, chances are you’ll find at least one error.

Credit reports errors are so common that over one-third of all American adults have to deal with them at some point. These errors, if not disputed and corrected immediately, can be detrimental to their scores. As a customer, you’re left with no choice but to dispute them.

When you file a dispute, the credit bureau generally has to investigate your case. Investigations can be expensive, especially in large numbers. So, what do bureaus do? They stall you.

What Are Stall Letters?

If you’ve ever received a response letter making some vague claims after filing your dispute with a credit bureau, you’re already familiar with stall letters.

Stall letters are arguably the most common item customers receive from bureaus in response to their dispute letter. The purpose of these letters is simply to delay the investigation into the case, even if it may be a solid one. The bureaus don’t want to spend millions investigating cases, so they use stall tactics to drive customers away and intimidate them.

How to Tackle Stall Letters

Once you identify a response letter as a stall tactic, all you need to do is dispute it again, but more aggressively. As a credit repair consultant, you can educate your customers about what stall letters are and how to dispute them. Based on the specific stall tactic used, each stall letter will need to be addressed differently.

As a credit repair agent, here are some techniques you can use to help your client:

  • Tell them to expect a dispute letter ahead of time.
  • Draft a new dispute letter that concretely refutes the bureau’s claims by providing reassertions.
  • Dispute inaccurate verifications by requesting a Method of Verification
  • Demand that your case is investigated within a specific time frame.

Notify the bureau that further stall letters will be violating the FCRA.


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