How to Prevent Small-Vessel Oil Spills

Oil spills contribute to a lot of environmental damage and impact on animal and human life, both on and off land. Marine life is deeply affected, so is the soil quality and other significant impacts. In addition to the environmental impacts, there are also monetary and financial impacts in the form of fuel wastage.

For industrial and commercial businesses, it’s vital to put measures in place to prevent small-vessel oil spills in the following ways:


Routine vessel maintenance

Routine vessel maintenance is non-negotiable in any case, but especially when trying to avoid oil spills of any kind. Ensure that all bolts on your vessel’s engine are tightened routinely and placed securely because they tend to loosen with use.


Additionally, all worn-out or damaged hydraulic lines and fittings should be replaced as well, given that exposure to heat and continuous light can damage them: abrasion, general wear, and usage also damage lines. Your engine should also have an oil tray that is fitted to catch spills before they make their way out, as well as industrial bilge socks for further leak-proofing.


Avoid overfilling tanks

When refilling and refueling your vessel, ensure that correct procedures are followed, and only the required amount of fuel is filled. Overfilling leads to leaks fairly frequently, and it’s a simple fix that requires very little industrial intervention to address.


Vessel operators, captains, and other staff members handle day-to-day procedures with particular care and attention to avoid spills, whether you own a commercial ferry, a shipping and transportation vessel, a fishing boat, or a fleet.


Use absorbent pads and fuel collars

All vessels require oil pads and fuel collars to catch drips, spills, and other issues that may arise. Fuel collars are inexpensive and can be used for small commercial vessels to absorb excess oil and other fluids that may leak from your vessel. They’re an effective way to combat leaks and spills, preventing major issues from arising by offering a preventative intervention.


Invest in quality oil detectors

If you own a commercial small-vessel, you should consider investing in high-quality oil and gas leak detectors too. These devices are designed to detect leaks using cables and detectors that have various sensors to alert technicians and engineers as well as maintenance crew about any leaks early on. The quick response to hydrocarbon leaks helps minimize damage and monetary losses for companies and the environment alike.



Preventing small-vessel oil spills isn’t just a necessary measure for better environmental practices in industrial and commercial settings but also a method of improving efficiency, cutting costs, and other benefits.


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