How Are Liquid Leaks Affecting the Healthcare Industry?

When it comes to the healthcare industry, one of the most prevalent problems is liquid leaks that can compromise the safety of patients and staff members. So, how exactly are such leaks affecting the healthcare sector, and what can management do to avert this crisis? Let’s find out!

Water Damage Due to Leaks in Healthcare Facilities

For instance, leaks causing water damage in healthcare facilities are a well-documented issue. Water damage in healthcare facilities can cause financial losses and affect the health and safety of patients and staff.

This is a concerning issue because the leading cause of property losses in hospitals and clinics is liquid damage, accounting for 43% of all such claims. Moreover, water damage costs three times as much as other claims that don’t involve water damage.

The high cost can result from the damage caused to critical and high-value medical equipment, including diagnostic and treatment machines such as cardiac monitors, MRIs, accelerators, and simulators. Moreover, such leaks also cause a delay in the delivery of patient services until the equipment is cleaned, tested, and replaced.

How Can Liquid Leaks in Healthcare Facilities Be Prevented?

For preventing liquid leaks in hospitals, it’s important to understand the common causes of water damage. Preventing these losses and taking effective and quick actions when leaks occur is helpful in drastically reducing the number as well as the size of losses.

Furthermore, reducing the likelihood of such incidents can also minimize the disruption in hospital operations. Hospitals these days also face the added risk of lawsuits, as has happened before.

Some of the most common sources of leaks and subsequent water damage in hospitals are as follows:

  • Domestic water lines and systems
  • Sewage systems
  • Drains and drain lines
  • Flooding
  • Sprinkler piping
  • Cooling and heating pipes and radiators.

Some expected losses due to leaks in hospital facilities include damaged hot water pipe, frozen pipe burst, corroded water main, overfilled tanks, separated soldered joint, and failed sprinkler coupling.

PermAlert’s Leak Detection System Are Tailormade for Healthcare Facilities

Once the management has identified the possible sources of liquid leaks, it’s crucial to implement leak detection measures. PermAlert is an industry-leading provider of personalized liquid leak detection solutions for various sectors, including healthcare.

You can check out PermAlert’s case studies to understand how they provide solutions per each facility’s needs. Get in touch today to learn more about PermAlert’s water leak detection systems and how your healthcare facility can benefit from one.

You can also request a no-obligation quote as per your facility’s needs.

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