How to Prevent a Costly Water Leak in Your Commercial Building During Winter

Water leaks are one of the biggest challenges for commercial facilities and businesses. Building maintenance can be quite challenging and extensive, and detecting leaks is often time-consuming, with most people discovering them when it’s too late.

But here are some effective ways to prevent water leaks in your commercial building and keep them safe for long:

Ensure that all appliances are secured against leaks

Appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, your HVAC system are often the main culprits behind leaks, especially in commercial buildings where they tend to be installed in greater volumes. That puts your facility at risk of developing leaks more often than other causes and sources, which is why it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that they are routinely checked and secured against leaks. Check their pipes, attachments, the body itself to make sure it’s good to go.


Get your plumbing and drainage systems regularly checked

Additionally, your plumbing and drainage systems also need regular checks and maintenance. Burst pipes, leaks, and other issues often exhibit signs long before leaks are detected, and so you need to be vigilant about them. Building managers and handymen should be trained to identify signs of leaks such as discolored pipes, fluctuating water pressure, sewage smells, etc.



Keep your roofing up to date and intact for safety

Another important yet often neglected aspect of leak prevention is ensuring that building roofs are well-maintained. This means making sure that roofing on every floor is free of damage, and if signs are showing, there needs to be timely intervention; otherwise, a minor issue can escalate to something more severe almost instantly. During routine checks and maintenance, make sure the building’s roof is in good shape, and there isn’t debris, snow, equipment, or heavy-duty construction taking place for extended periods of time.


Invest in water leak detection systems for early detection

Make your life easier with water leak detection systems that help with early detection and prevention. These systems are incredibly efficient and help by detecting leaks very early on and alerting business owners. Depending on what’s right for your building, you can invest in different types of leak detectors, including fluid detectors, probes, and ropes. It’s also possible to get extensive leak detection installed for more cohesive detection and prevention.



Commercial buildings require a significant amount of maintenance and upkeep to keep them safe and functional. Preventing water leaks s an essential aspect of that, and you can make it simpler and easier with water leak detection installation. You can request a quote via PermAlert’s website, where they offer various products, including leak detection sensory ropes, approved leak detection systems, and more.


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