How Leaks Can Damage Your Facility

Facilities and plants deal with many chemicals, fuels, gases, and various types of materials that are left undetected or leaking for prolonged periods. There are different risks  involved, and the damages that come with various types of leaks can include:

Damage to the facility’s interiors

The most evident issue in case of leaks is the damage they cause to your facility’s interiors. Whether it’s a water leak, gas leak, or oil leak, you can expect to see seepage, wear, and tear that can be a cause for concern in commercial locations especially. Unsightly stains and spots, cracks, molding are some of the many issues that come with leaks and might even be the first indicator that a leak exists if you don’t have an efficient leak detection system in place.


Equipment and inventory damage

Other than damage to your interiors etc., another major drawback is the damage caused to inventory and equipment. Industrial and commercial facilities are home to heavy machinery, expensive equipment and machinery, and of course, inventory (supplies and finished products) which may get damaged due to exposure to chemicals, gases, moisture, etc. One minor oversight could end up costing thousands in equipment repair and replacement.


Hazardous for staff and employees

Manpower is an integral part of your facility, and chemical, oil, and gas leaks can cause serious bodily harm and injury to employees. The risk of inhalation and exposure, fires, accidents, and other issues go up significantly when it comes to leaks, putting the entire workforce at risk.

Disruption in production processes

Of course, any type of leak and hazard of this sort would also warrant a halt in production, which means monetary losses, decreased production capabilities for extended periods, and further damage to machinery and employees. For commercial and industrial facilities, a cease in production means hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of business going down the drain, a price that is simply too high to pay.

Running an industrial facility or plant comes with a wide range of challenges and complications, but regular maintenance and upkeep can prevent major issues such as the above.

Install leak detection systems that will help identify leaks of various kinds early, allowing you to implement prevention strategies and measures more efficiently. PermAlert has industrial leak detection systems, including pipeline leak sensors, hydrocarbon leak detectors, and various devices that you can install or use at your facility.

The company has been manufacturing leak detection products for commercial and industrial clients across the globe, including the US, the Middle East, and Europe, standing out as one of the most reliable systems providers in the industry. You can request a quote for their products based on your specific requirements here.

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