The Consequences of Leaks Within the Oil & Gas Industry

Leaks and spills in the oil and gas industry can be classified in numerous ways: Natural leaks, daily human leaks, deliberate spills, transportation leaks, drilling blowouts, daily (small) spills, tanker accidents, and unchecked leaks.

However, hydrocarbon leaks in the oil and gas sector have consequences that can be faced not only by the companies operating the drilling rigs but also by the general population and our environment.

Therefore, the onus is on the oil and gas industry to detect and deal with such leaks on time and appropriately. With that said, let’s look at some of the consequences of leaks in the oil and gas industry:

1. Loss of Valuable Natural Resources & Revenue

A recent study in Scientific American showed that the oil and gas industry is leaking more methane than previously thought. The most significant direct consequence of such a leak is the loss of valuable natural resources.

For instance, the oil and gas sector in the US emits 13 million metric tons of methane each year. This also costs a loss of $2 billion annually from more than 400 drilling and processing facilities that are leak-prone.

The oil and gas sector can avoid such leaks simply by using PermAlert’s FluidWatch Systems.

2. Environmental Impact of Hydrocarbon Leaks

There’s much debate surrounding the issue of how the oil and gas industry can reduce its environmental impact. According to EDF, these leaks are not a problem but an opportunity for the industry to reduce its environmental impact.

By employing leak detection systems to prevent these leaks, the oil and gas industry can reduce its emissions by 75%. Moreover, two-thirds of these leaks can be plugged at zero net cost to the industry.

For instance, PermAlert’s leak detection products feature versatile systems that can deploy both cable and probe sensors and monitor thousands of feet in a single system. These products can help the oil and gas industry reduce its environmental impact cost-effectively.

3. Safety Issues

The oil and gas industry deals with flammable liquids that pose serious safety risks for workers on oil drilling rigs. There have been several high-profile incidents that have been caused due to oil leaks that can be avoided by implementing proper leak detection systems.

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