Top Features of a Profitable Rental Property

It takes more than just a desire to be a landlord to make money in real estate investing. You need to know what you’re doing and have a plan. If you buy the wrong property or are under-capitalized, your investment is doomed from the start. Hence, if you’re planning on buying a rental property and renting it out, it’s incredibly important you do your homework to avoid costly mistakes. Here are some of the features consider when searching for a profitable rental property.

Crime Statistics

If you’re looking to rent property in a U.S. city or neighborhood, it’s important to consider crime statistics in the area. Violent and property crimes can have a significant impact on a neighborhood’s real estate market and the overall quality of life in a place. If your property is near a high-crime neighborhood, you are likely to experience thefts, vandalism, or even worse. Hence, every potential landlord should look at crime statistics before selecting a rental property.

Area Job Opportunities

A great job market, low unemployment rate, and high growth are all reasons that many people choose to move to a certain area when they’re ready to settle down, raise a family, and start their careers. With the increasing cost of living and overpopulation, many people are moving to another place for better job opportunities and quality of life. Try to track this migration and see which areas are doing economically better before investing in a property.

School Districts

Many families look at the school district when choosing a place to live. If your property doesn’t have the best or most highly rated school district, you may have trouble getting reasonable rent. When you consider a school district’s rating, it can help you decide whether or not that neighborhood is the best place to invest.

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