How to Prepare For a Roof Replacement?

Roof replacements increase your house’s value and demand. A well-maintained roof enhances the aesthetics of your house while keeping you safe during harsh weather. However, a roof replacement is a major renovation project, and it’s best to prepare for it beforehand for a seamless and stress-free process.

7 Practical Tips to Follow Before a Roof Replacement 

1.    Remove Wall Decorations 

Roof replacements involve hammering and drilling, which sends vibrations throughout the walls. It’s best to remove all wall decorations before roofers get to work to prevent your hung items from falling and getting damaged. Remove all clocks, frames, paintings, mirrors, and other such objects.

2.    Relocate Your Vehicle  

Emptying your parking space is a safety measure for you and a great help to your roofers. They will have to load and unload the debris, shingles, and tools, so it’s practical to allow them free access to your parking space.

Put Away Your Patio Furniture

Furniture and potted plants in the patio.

Organize your yard and patio for your belonging’s well-being before the roof replacement project starts. Put away all lawn ornaments, potted plants, grills, your kid’s toys, and the patio furniture and store them away from the roofer’s working area.

3.    Protect Your Belongings in the Attic

Your attic is the focal point of operations during a roof replacement project. Roof removal work is likely to send debris and dust into your attic. Therefore, remove all your valuable and fragile belongings from the attic.

4.    Remove Satellite Dishes and Antennas

Remove any satellite dishes or antennas on or near your roof before the project starts. Ask your service provider to remove these items and install them back once the roof is replaced.

5.    Secure the Windows

Hammering and vibrations can also damage your windows during the roof replacement project. To prevent your windows from damage, secure them with boards until the project is complete.

6.    Inform Your Neighbors

While you’re preparing for a roof replacement service, be considerate and inform your neighbors about it too. Let them prepare in advance or arrange their schedule to help them secure their belongings from potential damage.

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