The Top Types of Construction Claims

Construction delays are problematic and can lead to time-consuming and expensive litigation processes or bankruptcy. Construction projects are complicated and involve several third parties like Delay analysis specialist San Diego and subcontractors. There are various instances where an insurance claim can arise during the construction project.

To avoid these claims, you need to be aware of a few important claims and why they arise. Let’s discuss these to give you a better idea.

Damage Claims

When a contractor damages the property in any form while working on the construction project, the client can hold them liable for the damages. This is usually done by filing a damage claim. What’s more, if any subcontractor causes any damage, you will be held liable if they are not insured. In any case, you’ll need to consult with a professional Delay Claim Analysis Services Bay Area to get the best guidance and solution possible.

Construction Delay Claims

Construction delay claims arise when any uncertain circumstances arise and push the project beyond the original agreement deadline. This also disrupts the intended schedule for the project.

There can be several reasons why construction delays can arise including planning defects or permit approvals. Factors beyond control such as weather are also a cause of construction delays.

Construction delay claims can lead to significant productivity and financial loss for the client. While nobody has control over uncertainties, these cause expensive litigation procedures and insurance claims for the construction company. Hiring professional delay claim analysis services will help guide you to the best possible outcome.

Differing Site Conditions Claims

If the actual project site is different from what was conveyed by the client in the contract, differing site conditions claim can arise. For instance, a contractor shows up at a sandpit when the client has selected a job site that has grass. In such a case, building a foundation on sand is expensive. A general contractor can file a claim if there are any differing site conditions found.

Price Acceleration Claims

These claims arise when the estimated project budget increases for completing a job early or on time. The client is the one who will file the claim as they are the ones who will bear the costs of accelerated work.

Construction workers working on a site.

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