3 Ways to Go Green for Your Next Event

Product sustainability is one of the most significant drivers behind most consumers’ motivation to purchase or explore a business today. Therefore, companies continue to look for ways to make their events more sustainable. If you’re looking to go green for your next business event, here are some ways to get started.

Pick an Eco-Conscious Location

If you want your trade show to be sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible, you must first choose the right location. Most people resort to convention centers to organize trade shows and business events.

Conduct your research to look for an environment-conscious convention center. An excellent way to determine whether a location is eco-conscious or not is their LEED certification. If a convention center is LEED-certified, you can be sure that they’ve taken the right steps to make your event sustainable.

a commercial building

Reduce Plastic Usage

Business events require you to offer a wide range of facilities to ensure that the attendees feel comfortable throughout the day. This includes the use of plastic bottles and glasses to provide guests with water. Plastic use is one of the most significant causes of pollution.

Therefore, another essential way to go green for your business event is replacing plastic supplies with paper-based materials. This will significantly reduce your business’s overall plastic usage during events.

Go for Smaller Set-Ups

Lastly, it’s crucial to understand how trade show booths and exhibits take up a massive amount of energy. However, it’s impossible to eliminate these exhibits from business events. However, the best option to go for in this case is to choose a smaller set-up.

A 10×30, 10×20, or even a 10×10 trade show booth will look perfect at your business event and will offer the same amount of wow-factor without wasting a lot of energy.

an exhibit

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