The Three Most Common Types Of Church Claims

Most churches have limited budgets and staff that are super occupied with ministry activities. It can be challenging for ministry leaders to take on additional responsibilities, leading to potentially dangerous safety and risk management gaps. Church insurance from a reliable church insurance company can help you streamline protection for your congregants and the church’s property. Besides ensuring continuous operations through thick and thin, a comprehensive church insurance plan can also help your church protect its assets against unforeseen dangers or damages while ensuring it steers clear of all financial troubles that stem from such unfortunate events.

Why Do Churches Need Insurance?

From property damage to disputes, allegations of injuries, and claims of misconduct—religious organizations such as churches aren’t immune to lawsuits and expenses that can devastate the organization. Violent attacks, accidents, work-related injuries, and claims against churches can and do happen more often than one might think. Such claims come with an additional risk of damaging the church’s reputation, while the payouts can also exhaust the financial health of the religious organization.

Over the past few years, vandalism and burglary, theft, water damage, storms, lightning, accidental fires and arson, work-related injuries, electrical surge damage, sexual misconduct, violent attacks, recreational activity injuries, and many more incidents have inflicted a dent in the church’s already scarce funds. The good news is that, with little to no extra money, churches can drastically improve the way they protect the property and its members. All that’s needed is a robust commitment to security and safety and a reliable church insurance agent who can help you devise a strategy that suits the ever-evolving needs of your ever-growing ministry.

To help you better understand how ministries utilize church insurance as a protective measure, we’ve compiled some of the most common types of church insurance claims across the United States and ways they can be resolved through appropriate insurance policies.

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#1- Work-related Injuries or Accidents on Church Premises

Regardless of the church’s size, work-related injuries and accidents are extremely common. Slips and falls are among the most common causes of work-related injuries. It’s an excellent idea to remove boxes, extension cords, and other tripping hazards away from walking surfaces. Churches that are located in areas prone to freezing during winters should promptly take actions such as removing hazardous objects from stairs, sidewalks, and parking lots where there is a heavy flow of visitors. Make sure that you put up “Wet Floor” signs as a caution at various places to minimize the danger of slipping.

Many ministries turn to workers’ compensation coverage, church liability insurance, and umbrella insurance policies to settle common mental, physical, and personal injury or illness claims by members or employees to protect their reputation, finances, and stature. Since general liability insurance covers property damage and injury claims by third parties, it’s incredibly helpful in various situations that may arise from such claims. In addition, workers’ comp insurance provides optimal protection to employees and saves churches from any additional financial burden of lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation, lawsuits, and more. If the claim amount goes beyond what the liability insurance policy covers, an umbrella policy saves the day.

#2- Water Damage

Water damage—from floods, leaking roofs, broken, frozen pipes, building decay, overflowing sewer lines, drain blockages, and various underlying conditions – is an issue that’s faced by all types of properties, including churches. The risk of water damage can be minimized by keeping the church’s roof in good condition, streamlining ventilation and insulation in attic spaces, and having gutters cleaned out regularly. You can also consider insulating water pipes and installing a water leak detection system because whenever water damage rears its head, it results in the need for extensive restoration activities and costly repairs. Ministries with dependable church property insurance can rest assured as it covers destructions caused by water damage. Whether the church’s building or any church-owned property such as pews, furniture, altar-ware is affected by water damage, your property insurance will help recover the loss.

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#3- Burglary and Theft

About one in six churches experience burglary, theft, or vandalism every year. Even though churches are religious sanctuaries, their vehicles, premises, and property aren’t completely safe from malicious parties. Churches are vulnerable and can lose valuable historical items during such incidents, which can’t be restored without proper protection. Always make sure the windows and churches are locked properly when the premises aren’t occupied and illuminate the parking lots, entrances, and other exterior areas of the building from sunset to sunrise. It’s also recommended to keep the trees and shrubs in your landscaping trimmed while ensuring any unsecured ladders or tools are kept at a place that isn’t easily accessible to outsiders. You can also ask neighbors and patrol police to keep an eye on any suspicious activity that goes around the property.

Church property insurance again proves to be incredibly helpful in such cases as it allows the church to recover the damages easily. However, the process for filing burglary and theft cases can be a little more intricate than others as it involves extensive police investigation. To ensure the process doesn’t get too daunting for the administration, it’s best to choose an experienced church insurance agent who is well-versed in handling all types of church insurance claims.

Churches should proactively take measures to plan and prepare for unexpected and unfortunate but probable events after being aware of the potential risks. Depending on several factors, such as the size, location, and more, a reliable church insurance agent can devise a tailored yet comprehensive church insurance plan to suit the needs of your church.

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