How to Clean Your Ice Machine Bin

Since is ice is classified as food by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it must be as hygienic and clean as much as any other food.


Ice can become easily contaminated, airborne contaminations, leaking water supply, using utensils that aren’t sanitized, etc., can all contaminate ice. This is why ice machines need to be kept clean and used very carefully.






One part of the ice machine that needs proper cleaning once in a while is the ice machine bin. The ice machine bin is the place where all the ice made by the machine is stored.


In this article, we’ll be discussing how ice machine owners can keep their ice storage bins clean.


Interior of the Ice Storage Bin


1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the interior of the ice storage bin is relatively easier and can be done by anyone. You’ll need a clean piece of cloth, chlorine bleach, and a water mixture. Wipe all the surfaces of the ice storage bin, including the walls, the flooring, the baffle (a piece of plastic that moves the ice towards the backside after the machine ejects it into the storage bin), and the door or the lid.






Also, do not completely wipe off the chemical you’re using for cleaning. Let it air dry. This will allow proper sanitization of the surfaces


The machine needs to be turned off on all occasions when cleaning it.


2. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a bit tricky and is advised to be done at least twice every year. Deep cleaning ensures thorough cleaning of the ice storage bin, reaching even the smallest of corners and removing any algae or mold threat.


All the ice either has to be removed or properly covered before starting the procedure. There are two processes, and both need to be done separately. De-scaling can be done earlier, and sanitizing can be done after it. Doing both things together can result in the emission of harmful gases from the mixing of chemicals and solutions.


A spray is used to allow descaling agents to each even the smallest of corners, and clean it. It is then cleaned off with the help of a cloth or a brush. The surfaces are then cleaned with distilled water to remove any remaining chemicals, and then sanitized thoroughly through a bleach and water mixture. The bleach is left to dry on the surface instead of cleaning it off with water.


Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior is not something you can neglect. Cleaning of the exterior is very simple and doesn’t require any complex activities. Even a simple wipe with a clean cloth dipped in any chemical solution like bleach will work.


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