Single Family Properties Vs Multi Family Properties: What’s the Difference?

Property buyers and investors often find themselves debating the type of rental property they should invest in. Is a single-family rental a better investment, or should you opt for a multi-family home? Keep reading to find out!

Assessing the Similarities

Both rental property types are viable investment options and offer a good return on investment. Although property owners typically have to pay higher interest rates, they can establish a positive cash flow through the monthly rental income generated through their properties. Moreover, Investing in either of the rental homes also gives property owners greater tax benefits.

So, what sets them apart?

Single-Family Properties

Single-family rental homes are more affordable, i.e., they have a lower cost for investment. The insurance rates for these properties are lower than those for multi-family homes as they only cover a single housing unit. Similarly, the utility expenses are also low (and, in some cases, nonexistent, as tenants are usually required to pay for utilities), making single-family rentals a popular investment option.

Additionally, single-family properties also have a higher appreciation rate since they’re always in demand. This makes them more valuable in the eyes of financial loaners.

Moreover, landlords are more likely to find better tenants for their single-family rentals as opposed to multi-family rentals. This is because tenants tend to view single-family properties as their homes and are usually more careful about their maintenance and upkeep. Single-family rentals also have a lower turnover rate and are easier to manage. In case investors or landlords wish to sell off their properties, they’re likely to make the sale more easily and quickly.

Multi-Family Properties

Multi-family rentals may be more costly investments and less in demand than single-family homes, but they offer a higher monthly rental income. Investors can generate income through the multiple units in the rental properties as opposed to having a single source of rental income. This makes these properties a more reliable investment option.

housing units

Since income may be generated through each housing unit, vacancies aren’t as costly for landlords as they’d be in the case of single-family homes. For instance, if one portion is left vacant for a few months, you can still generate income from the tenants living in the other portion. This wouldn’t be possible if you had a single-family property that was left vacant.

Moreover, multi-family properties are valued on the basis of the rental income generated through them. Unlike single-family homes, they aren’t dependent on economic factors for valuation.

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