‘4’ Most Common Roofing Mistakes Everyone Should Know About

In the US, the roofing sector is valued at more than fifty billion US dollars. Roofing businesses are likely to rise in tandem with the property sector as time goes on. Many novice contractors have begun to cash in on the high need for residential roofers. Simultaneously, many homeowners choose to do their roofing as they think it’s a more cost-effective option. This DIY solution leads to major structural damages.

Take a look at these four most common roofing mistakes everyone should know about:

1. Flashing

Your roof’s flashing is metal strips installed along your roof’s valleys and edges. Most inexperienced roof installers can incorrectly install flashing or fail to secure the flashing properly. This causes flashing buckling, which will eventually cause leaks.

Some roofers may also reuse the drip edge flashing from the edge of the old roof. Besides an unattractive final look, a worn drip edge can let insects and water get under the roof and into the attic. So you must make sure new flashing is properly installed during roof replacement.

2. Poor Repair Works

Unfortunately, hundreds of unregistered roofing contractors are not providing quality services. You may have asked a roof repair company to fix a problem, and due to a poor job, your roof is in even worse condition. This is why you must stay away from shady roofing companies.

3. Improper Installation

If your roof was installed by an unskilled roofing contractor or low-quality material was used, your roof will soon show signs of deterioration. Always hire credible roofing contractors registered with National Roofing Contractors Association and ask for their credentials. You can also check a roofing contractor’s website to find reviews of previous customers.

4. The Use Of Roofing Cement When Repairing Roof Leaks

Roofing cement is used to repair small leaks in the roof shingles and is applied using either a brush or roller attachment on an airless sprayer or power washer. Roofing cement dries clear and does not stain the shingles, but it can cause damage over time due to its alkaline content, which can deteriorate its lifespan over time. Instead of using roofing cement, homeowners should look for other better alternatives for their roofing system.

A professional team fixing a roof of a property

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