Dos and Don’ts of Home Staging

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Selling a property can be a tough task for most homeowners, especially when they don’t have a real estate agent on board. Luckily, homeowners have started leveraging home staging to secure profitable and quick deals.

If you’re considering home staging, follow these dos and don’ts to ensure you make the most of it.


Stage Where It Counts

When it comes to home staging, rooms need to be prioritized and treated indifferently. It’s vital to focus on the rooms that are likely to impact the buyer’s decision rather than wasting time on insignificant ones. Experts suggest that buyers tend to prioritize the master bedroom, living room, master baths, and kitchen over other rooms. So, don’t bother about other rooms and focus more on these rooms.

Patch and Repair

While home staging, don’t miss out on any repairs. Home staging offers the perfect opportunity for homeowners to fix all those damages and unappealing factors that can make potential buyers run for the exit. So take a quick look at your house and examine any scratches, nicks, or any damages that need repairing, and get those fixed right away.

You can’t skip this one out since potential buyers will see these visible items and will wonder what they are not seeing.


When home staging, don’t forget to declutter your space to make it look roomy since buyers love the spacious look. So, declutter shelves, tables, walls, and more. As soon as your house is decluttered, shift the furniture around to maximize the space. This includes “de-personalizing” the home. Remove personal photos from tables, walls, etc. Pack them away for display in your next home.


Don’t Forget About Your Outdoor Space

A common mistake most homeowners make is forgetting about their outdoor space while home staging. We can’t emphasize how essential curb appeal is to woo your potential buyers. You need to ensure your property appeals to them on the first try, which means sprucing up the first thing they’ll see—your outdoor space. Remember the adage that “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.”

Don’t Leave Personal Items On Display

Home staging is all about ensuring your home appeals to every buyer, and that won’t happen if it’s too personalized. Undoubtedly, potential buyers will purchase homes they can imagine themselves living in; however, your items will get in the way of it. So, keep away any personal items; change the décor and opt for a neutral scheme.

Don’t Go Overboard

One thing to be wary of while home staging is going overboard. It needs to seem natural. So, avoid going overboard with home staging to ensure it all goes smoothly.

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