The Ultimate Guide Renting an Ice Machine for Your Business

Ice machines are very useful when it comes to businesses like bars and restaurants. It saves a lot of time and effort and is very convenient for use.





But all these advantages come with a heavy price tag. Ice machines are not cheap and often cost a fortune. If you’re planning to rent one, it’s a smart decision.


There are a few important factors you’ll need to consider when opting to rent an ice machine. In this blog, we will list some of them down.



Company/Place You’re Renting From

It’s very important to research the background of the company or the place you’re planning to rent the ice machine from. Check their history, read their customer reviews. Ask around about them and their services. All of these things play a huge part in making your decision.


Do ask them about the services as well, for example, if the machine breaks down, or needs cleaning and servicing, what are your options. Also, ask if there is a warranty.



Condition of the Machine

Make sure to properly inspect the machine before renting it. Companies oftentimes rent machines that have been used or repaired. You wouldn’t want a machine that would malfunction after a few days. Make sure the machine is in optimum condition.


If possible, ask the company to dismantle the machine so that you can inspect the interior as well. Oftentimes, machines can have mold or other types of fungi growing inside but show no indication of it on the outside.



Size of the Machine

Know the size of machine you need. Ice machines come in different sizes with varying production capabilities. If you have a business that serves a good number of people everyday, it’s wise to get a machine that has a big production capacity. Similarly, if your business isn’t catering to a lot of customers on a daily basis, getting a big machine is useless and a waste of space and rent money.





Enough Space for the Machine

Before you rent the machine, make sure you have adequate space available to keep the machine. Of course, this depends on the size of the machine you’re getting, but in general, ice machines need a spacious place with good ventilation.


This is because a refrigerant is used in ice machines to create ice. When it comes out of the ice machine’s compressor as compressed gas, it’s incredibly hot. It makes its way to the ice machine’s condenser. The condenser coils absorb the heat emitted by the refrigerant. As a result, the refrigerant switches from a gaseous state to a liquid one. The machine must discharge the heat absorbed by the condenser coils and cannot keep it; otherwise, the ice machine’s cooling ability will be weakened. Heat is dissipated in the surrounding area thanks to a fan inside the machine. During the procedure, this keeps the machine cold. If the machine is kept cool, the ice production will be better and more efficient.






Your ice maker needs to get rid of heated air as rapidly as feasible. This means that your ice machine will need a lot of space and good ventilation. If the ice machine is placed in a tight corner, the wall will obstruct the ducts that the ice machine utilizes to release hot air, causing the unit to malfunction and finally fail.


Other Installation Requirements

Ice machines don’t only need space, they also need a place where they can drain the water. When the existing ice in the machine melts, that water has to be ejected in most of the cases, at least after some extent.


Some machines have a wastewater storage tank, but that’s not very common. Countertop ice machines have other ways of disposing of the water compared to bigger machines placed on the floor.







Apart from excess water disposal, an ice machine also needs to be in a place where it has a good electrical connection that doesn’t experience fluctuations. Fluctuations can cause some of the parts in the ice machine to fuse. Also, ice machines take up a lot of energy to work, thus a good electrical connection is necessary.


Make sure you check all the requirements of the machine you’re choosing to rent before you actually do.

Modern Compressor Ice Machine

If you don’t have adequate space for the ice machine, you can opt for ice machines with the latest design compressors. Machines with these compressors do not require a fan or fluid to cool and can be placed in compact places as well.


All these machines need is electricity and a water supply. But the cost of these machines is considerably high, which means the rent of these machines will be more as well, compared to regular or conventional ice machines.



Type of Ice Machine

There are multiple types of ice machines that make different kinds of shapes of ice. You’ll have to choose the machine which makes the type of ice according to your business. For example, bars and pubs prefer crescent ice. This is because crescent ice is very presentable and convenient to pour drinks on and doesn’t make a mess. Nugget ice and flake ice is common in hospitals and medical facilities where injuries are treated. These types of ice are soft compared to other types and have no sharp edges, which is why they’re conveniently used in ice bags and cold packs.


The rent of different machines vary and machines which make multiple shapes of ice are more expensive in general.


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