3 Ways the Internet Changed Real Estate Forever

The internet has been a powerful tool since its inception in the mid-1990s. It has brought about many great changes in all avenues of life, be it education, entertainment, socializing, business, or shopping. In the last two decades, all these avenues have experienced an incredible rise by leveraging the power of the internet. However, it is fair to argue that the internet has transformed one industry forever – real estate.

For as long as we have known, the real estate industry was majorly controlled by real estate agents, but the arrival of the internet has flipped the game. Now, the customer is in charge. They are the ones that control the kind of real estate they want to buy or sell.

Nowadays, people don’t search for the “For Sale” sign in the newspaper. Instead, they browse the kind of property they are interested in online. According to statistics, more than 90 percent of potential home buyers and sellers use the internet to search for their desired property. Here’s how the internet has changed the real estate industry forever.

Real-Time Updates

People had to wait for the next newspaper to view the updated list of properties in the past, but now, they can refresh the website and get real-time updates regarding any new properties posted. This means buyers have access to a wide range of properties that they can browse through and choose the one that works for them. It also saves buyers time, money, and effort as they don’t have to chase after unavailable properties.

Social Media

Forget the traditional “For Sale” banners and signs and leverage the power of social media to advertise properties for sale or rent. Now you can view all the information regarding the property with its pictures with just a click.

In short, social media has changed the way agents use to market properties for sale. Nowadays, it is all about visuals—the more aesthetic images you post online, the more you pique the buyer’s interest.

Streamlined Buying Process

Thanks to online banking, closing deals was never easier. Everything can be done electronically, from sharing financial concerns to finding the right loan or mortgage. This means that the process that used to take up to a month or two is now completed in only a few days.

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