Strategies to Effectively Launch Your Event Marketing Program

There’s nothing more overwhelming than preparing to launch a brand new marketing program for your company. If you’re looking for a new way to introduce your next launch, don’t forget to check out these strategies.

Social Media Stories and Live Stream

Today, most people learn about new programs and events online. Therefore, one of the best ways to introduce a new marketing campaign is by using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Start by posting countdowns to create hype about your program a few days before launch. Use the live stream feature on social media to effortlessly stream the program’s launch and attract an audience worldwide.

Early Bird Registrations

Customers love saving money through discounts. Therefore, if your company’s program involves the purchase of tickets or passes, remember to launch it with an announcement of early bird registrations. Apart from discounts, you can also incorporate other incentives in your early bird package to attract more sign-ups.

Remember to remind the audience about the early bird registrations and their deadlines so that people can connect with you at their earliest.

Trade Shows and Corporate Events

If you’re looking to launch a massive marketing program in person, use a trade show or a corporate event as an opportunity to do so. It’s because thousands of people from various industries attend these events.

Therefore, launching your event at your trade show booth will not only get you more customers, but will help you examine how well your campaign is doing on its launch date.

presenting at a conference


It’s safe to say that launching your event marketing program should be big and noticed by your target market as much as possible. Trade shows are undoubtedly one of the best ways to achieve this objective. However, one thing that’ll make your booth stand out at an industry event is the trade show display and its exhibit design. Therefore, you should always invest in a well-designed trade show exhibit to turn heads wherever you set it up. If you’re looking for a company to provide you with the design that you’re looking for, check out all the services at Sky Expo Rentals.

As a leading exhibit rental company in the US, Sky Expo Rentals has an incredibly diverse portfolio of working with and assisting businesses to help them achieve the ultimate trade show exhibit. Their prominent services include trade show program management, event program management, expo rentals, and more. Contact them to learn more today!

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