What’s The Best Way To Deal With A Broken Window?

None of us like the idea of a broken window. They’re simply an inconvenience along with a safety hazard. There are a number of reasons why you would want to avoid a broken window, from shards of broken glass to unauthorized access to your house. Broken windows threaten the thermal stability of your house and put added pressure on the HVAC system. Here are some ways you can deal with a broken window, and you have no way of replacing it right away.

Clean The Mess

The broken window must have shards of glass lying around it and also on the floor. You should put on protective gloves, pick out the bigger visible pieces, and throw them in a double-layered plastic bag. Sweep up the rest of the shards that you weren’t able to pick by your hand.

Use a vacuum after that to clean out tinier pieces on the floor. There must be some leftover glass near the window pane. You should use a vacuum to clean out the shards.

Cover Your Windows

If some bigger pieces of glass are still stuck in the window, don’t force them out, as you can injure yourself by doing so. Instead, get a cardboard piece and tape it onto the window. Make sure it’s properly secured to not let the heat out or let the cold air inside.

If your window is only cracked and not broken, you can use masking tape or clear packing tape to cover the patches in the window to keep the air out as a temporary fix.

Stop The Leaks

There’s still a possibility that fluids like water could leak through the tiniest holes around the corner of your windows. To avoid that from happening, use heavy-duty garbage bags and tape them around the frame of your window. This should create a waterproof seal.

A tree entering the house through a broken window

Board The Windows

Although you may have secured the broken window by now, there are still a few elements that can break through the plastic. An animal could try to enter your house through the opening and injure itself in the process. To prevent that you can use plywood to cover your window from the outside. Just nail it to the frame of your window.

Other viable options instead of plywood can be hurricane shutter and storm panels. You can also get temporary vinyl protection.

Get The Window Replaced

We have mentioned ways you can deal with a broken window if its replacement is not available right away or until the experts get there. But ultimately, you will have to get your broken window replaced. Because if not, it’ll create long-term damage to your HVAC system, and it’s also a question of your safety in case someone decides to break through a broken window.

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