How To Make Your Next Construction Project More Sustainable

We need to use sustainable methods to get things done now that pollution and environmental deterioration are at alarming levels. The construction industry has contributed significantly to pollution levels, although this is steadily improving as more environmentally friendly building processes and materials become available.

Here are some ideas for making your next project more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Ongoing construction of a building


Using Environmentally Friendly Building Materials

Manufacturers are now abandoning the old fiber and sulfate boards. MgO boards and their derivatives consume 20 to 50 percent of the energy used in the production of Portland cement. The substance absorbs carbon during the curing process, which helps with the current situation of the environment. These boards are made without asbestos, ammonia, silica, organic solvents, heavy metals, or other dangerous elements, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Insulating the Building/Home

Loss of heat or cold from within a building or a home forces people to rely on their air conditioning systems, be it the heaters or room chillers. If you reside in a warm climate, your air conditioning will be in frequent use since you have to maintain internal temperature. Similarly, if you reside in a cold place, you’ll have to keep your house heated. If your house isn’t properly insulated, the heat or cold on the outside will make its way into your house, and you won’t be able to maintain the desired temperature without complete reliance on air conditioning. This makes the energy bills go up significantly and is not good for the environment either.

Insulation also helps with noise pollution. Although noise pollution has nothing to do with the deteriorating environment, avoiding it is important for you and your health in the longer run.

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Use Passive Fire Protection

Fire-related accidents are very common in the United States to this day. According to a report, the fire department of the US responds to a fire call every 23 seconds. Using fire-resistant material in construction, for example, magnesium oxide boards can help put in passive fire protection and prevent or limit fire accidents. These MgO boards are resistant to high heat levels and are non-combustible. This makes them a good option for passive fire protection because even if a fire breaks out, it can spread and turn into an uncontrollable fire that burns down the whole building.

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