Hiring Right – Full-Service Movers vs. Containers

According to the US Census Bureau, 27.1 million Americans moved in 2021, which makes up about 8.4% of the population. These moves included residential and commercial moves.

Different people also used different ways to relocate, such as leaving everything to the movers, getting partial help, or DIYing it with the help of family and friends. A moving company that handles relocation from start to finish is referred to as a full-service moving company.

Despite its popularity, many people opt for a DIY move for which they need to hire transport regardless. This is why containers have become just as common. However, there are fundamental differences in the experience you’ll have.


Full-service movers and commercial moving services help with planning and not just the move. Can’t figure out the logistics of the move or what kind of transport you’ll need to avoid making multiple round trips?

Professional movers can correctly guide you. Whereas, with the containers, it’s just transporting. Even then, it’s up to you to find the right one and figure out the other parts of the move.


America’s moving industry is huge and complex, and 7.5% of its market share belongs to packing and packaging services. A full-service moving company provides packaging and will pack your belongings for you. When you hire containers, you’ll have to get packaging materials and do the packing yourself.


A full-service moving company will do a site survey and analyze the kind of transportation required for the move. Containers, on the other hand, come in different sizes, and you need to find one that fits on your own.

This can lead to mistakes such as getting one that’s too big or too small. Full-service moving companies also provide experienced drivers for transport, while with containers, you might have to drive it yourself.

The Best Silicon Valley Relocation Services

If your move is on a larger scale or there are risks involved with the actual move, check out the full-service moving services of Valley Relocation. It is a full-service moving company that provides top-notch moving services across Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Sacramento, and other areas.

You can reach out to the commercial office moving company for a range of relocation services, including a site survey and free cost estimate.

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