4 Popular Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Modernize Your Home

Most homeowners want to create a kitchen exuding elegance, class, and sophistication when planning a home remodelling project. Whether you opt for a new color scheme or modern appliances, consider an upgrade that features luxury touches. From open shelves to kitchen flooring and countertops to kitchen lights, everything impacts the look of your kitchen.

Here are some of the best kitchen designs for your kitchen makeover. Whatever layout you have, these ideas will help you remodel your kitchen features.


Update the Kitchen Backsplash

Updating your kitchen backsplash is the most convenient and cost-effective way to give your old kitchen a new look. As your kitchen’s most prominent feature and commonly used area, the backsplash gets the most attention.

So when updating your kitchen backsplash, either get a simple coat of paint or incorporate new changes to the material. You can also re-do the entire design depending on the existing material. If you’re adding one color, consider choosing textures like satin, matte, and high-gloss to give your kitchen a new life.

Refresh Shelves and Cabinets

Choosing open shelves instead of upper cabinets will provide more display space and make your small kitchen look more prominent. For structurally sound cabinets, give them a deep clean to remove gunk and debris or get a fresh coat of paint.

You can also spruce up your cabinets by adding new doors or updating the knobs for an inexpensive facelift.

Focus on New Flooring

Though upgrading your kitchen floor may be a time-consuming process, new flooring will add life to your kitchen. Hardwood is the most commonly used material when it comes to flooring ideas as it offers several variations. Hardwood flooring is found in the form of thick planks of solid timber.

Most companies may also provide engineered flooring – planks featuring a thin layer of hardwood on top merged with other layers. The design helps prevent floor damage during expansion and contraction cycles.

Oak and walnut flooring are the other two popular choices for kitchen renovation. That’s because both offer more outstanding durability and resistance against stains.

Incorporate Glass Fixtures

Adding glass fixtures to your kitchen will give it a luxury appeal. For instance, you can add a sliding glass door to display your delicate teacups or install glass cabinets for a brighter look in your kitchen. Moreover, a glass front fridge is another attractive feature in your kitchen cabinet remodeling design that will give your cooking space a modern look.

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