How to Dispute Your Property Taxes and Lower Your Mortgage Payment?

Most homeowners will likely say they pay too much taxes on the property. However, paying property taxes might also significantly reduce your payments.

Are you looking to reduce your property taxes while also lowering your mortgage payments? You could be able to contest your property taxes if your home has been unfairly overvalued. Here’s how you can do it.

Steps to Dispute Property Taxes

Your property taxes may seem difficult to contest. However, the procedure is usually extremely simple. Following are the steps to dispute the property taxes:

Step One:  Gather all the property-related records.

You are more likely to succeed in the case if you have more detailed documents.

Reflect on the justification behind the figures in your past property appraisals. Make sure the inspection office accurately recorded all relevant data on the past assessments. This covers things like the number of bathrooms and bedrooms and the sizes of these rooms. If an evaluation contains inaccurate information, you can be subject to a quick appeal.

Step Two: Speak to your local appraiser.

This often includes contacting the county appraisal or assessment office and asking for a casual appointment. You will talk about inconsistencies in the data you’ve discovered regarding your property during the discussion.

Step Three: Locate similar properties in the area.

When a meeting doesn’t work out, it’s time to assess the worth of comparable properties.This stage can be assisted by realtors.

The house values of your neighborhood can be discussed as well. You may choose to submit an official appeal and contest your property taxes if you discover that properties that are similar to yours are appraised lower than yours.

Step Four: Schedule a time to file an appeal

Putting up an appeals application should come first .On the webpage for county taxes, you may find this. Start putting together your appeal after paying any application fees.

You might choose to appoint a tax expert or lawyer to represent you during the real estate tax appeals procedure. But you can also speak for yourself. Your potential to reduce your property taxes depends on how effectively you plan and present your case.

The following kinds of information should be gathered while you prepare your appeal:

  • Costs of recently sold similar houses
  • Pictures of your home and cost estimates for any repairs or improvements
  • Previous property appraisal records for your house


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