How MgO Boards Help Protect Your Homes from Termites

Termite infestations can be devastating for a building’s strcutre. These insects damage property and ruin its structural integrity before its occupants even realize they’re there.  Recently, a United states post office in Poplaville had to close its office after the ceiling collapsed.  This is why it’s important building owners do everything to ensure the safety of their building’s occupants.

Learn why MgO boards have emerged as a good solution to counter the growth of these insects and how they can help you.

What Are MgO Boards?

Magnesium oxide boards are made from different minerals such as chloride, sulfate, and magnesium oxide.  For decades, they have been used in buildings all over the Middle East and Asia as these places have high deposits of the above-mentioned minerals.

They offer several benefits including being resistant to fire, mold, and weather conditions, as well as being builder friendly. For this reason, more Americans are also opting for MgO boards.

Here’s How MgO Board Helps Against Termites

MgO boards are made from magnesium hydroxide and have an inorganic property that makes them impenetrable against these pests. Wood-boring insects like carpenter ants and termites cause homeowners billions of dollars in losses every year.

By installing magnesium boards in place of traditional materials such as gypsum, building owmers don’t face the risk of their ceilings collapsing, which can lead to financial and physical losses.

Resistant to Mold and Mildew

Pests like termites are attracted to the earthy, stale, and musty smell that is associated with mold.  Just like termites, mold also eats up wood. This makes the job of termites much easier.

MgO boards are resistant to mildew and mold due to their anti-microbial properties. By installing them, homeowners can avoid the problem of mold emerging in  their household.

 A white wall damaged by moisture.

Get MgO Sheathing Panels Today

Tired of costly termite repairs? MagMatrixBoards can help. They are a reputable MgO board supplier that offers subfloor panels, wall panels, MgO SIP panels, and fire-rated sheathing boards at affordable prices. Their environmentally-friendly building materials comply with the latest tests and certifications.

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