3 Types of Optical Amplifiers Explained

Whether you take a closer look at data centers, communication companies, or different networks around you, you’re likely to find the widespread use of optical amplifiers. As one of the most reliable substitutes for network repeaters, optical amplifiers play a crucial role in developing networks and automating this process without manually converting light to electricity.

Today, a wide range of optical amplifiers are used in different industrial applications. These vary according to the technologies they’re manufactured with and the tasks they essentially perform. While most fiber optic cables for sale also include optical amplifiers, it’s always better to know which one to buy for your industrial needs.

Here are three types of optical amplifiers explained to help you out.

Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA)

An EDFA, also known as an Erbium-doped fiber amplifier, is one of the most popular and most commonly used fiber optic amplifiers. As the name suggests, these optical amplifiers are manufactured with EDF as their primary design component, along with other essentials, including fiber couplers, fiber optic isolators, and a unified light source for the amplifier pump.

Most EDFA manufacturers insert a trivalent erbium ion into the EDFA’s core to ensure all its properties are customized for a specific industry and the signal amplification is simpler and faster throughout the process.

The amalgamation of a powerful light source and the erbium ion makes it easier for this fiber-optic amplifier to convert light into networks.

Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA)

A semiconductor optical amplifier is another amplifier type to know about. These optic amplifiers are primarily known for their semiconducting abilities, thanks to their laser technology and rigid structure.

These optical amplifiers let the external light penetrate through the laser and emit networks through their antireflective processing functions.

Fiber Raman Amplifier (FRA)

Lastly, a fiber Raman amplifier is used in mature settings where older amplifiers can easily be used. These essentially depend on processes like stimulated Raman scattering to operate. The two main categories of FRA are LRA (Lumped Raman Amplifier) and DRA (Distributed Raman Amplifier).

the back of an amplifier

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