Can You Return To The United States With An Expired Passport?

Wondering if you can return to the United States with an expired passport? Well, the short answer is maybe. There are conditions you need to fulfill. You may need to show additional documentation if you were stranded in another country and could not return to the United States before your passport expired.

Here’s what you need to know:

Do I Qualify To Return To The United States?

You may only qualify to return to the United States if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have your expired passport on hand.
  2. Your expired is unaltered or undamaged.
  3. Your expired passport was valid for ten years, or you were fifteen years old when the passport was issued, and your expired passport was valid for five years.
  4. You’re flying directly to the United States, a United States territory, or have only a short-term transit through a connecting flight to the United States or United States territory.
  5. You’re in a foreign country seeking a direct return to the United States.
  6. You’re a United States citizen.

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Can You Cross The Border With An Expired Passport?

If you’re returning from countries like Mexico and Canada, you won’t have any issues if your passport is expired. You can travel by sea or road and return to the United States. However, you must have a valid ID that you can show at the border to gain entry. Always check travel requirements for your destination before you depart so you don’t face issues at the border or immigration.

Can You Fly With An Expired Passport?

An expired passport is considered invalid and useless at immigration even if you had managed to book a flight with the credentials and passport number. However, you might fly back to the United States if you take a direct flight after expiry. But you cannot fly out of the United States on an expired passport because the immigration officers won’t let you. Also, you may be turned back at the airport if you don’t have at least six months of validity on the passport. Therefore, always check for passport renewability before traveling to avoid such hassle and issues.

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